Into The Great Wide Open 2020

In 2020 Roosje Klap and I are the designers-in-residence for the music and art festival: “Into The Great Wide Open” which takes place every year on the Dutch island Vlieland. The festival is split into two sections: Here Comes The Summer in May followed by Into The Great Wide Open in late August.

This year they focused on the theme of ‘the critical mass’. Namely, what or who makes the difference? Is the mass a frightening concept that robs us of our own free choice to be who we want to be? We investigated patterns of growth and shrinkage; how fungi and trees talk to each other. We also explored what micro and macro behavior looks like using examples such as the study by Thomas Schelling, and the chemical basis of morphogenesis.

Client: Into The Great Wide Open
Designer-in-residence with: Roosje Klap
Materials: Festival identity, website, posters, banners, and other.
Additional coding assisted by: Vera van de Seyp
Year: 2020