Loes Claessens is an independent graphic design studio based in Amsterdam. Since 2013 the studio is working for various commissioners in the cultural field such as museums, institutions, publishers and artists. Loes Claessens has a strong focus on typography and editorial design and is interested in making books, exhibitions and identities.

We do not offer internships until winter 2024.


Parallel-Parallel Exhibition
ITGWO posters w/
Roosje Klap
The ÖFF, Zurich, CH
3 June 2022

1 MOP Cinema
Hotzone: sounds for architecture
Vondel CS, Amsterdam, NL
21 January 2020

Waag 25 years: the festivities. Polyopera at
The Big Maker Party
Waag, Amsterdam, NL
30 November 2019

HEEL @ Museumnacht 2019
Polyopera at Lima Limo
National Holocaust Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2 November 2019

MODESHOW '19. Nobody remembers a shapeshifter
Casco, Amsterdam, NL
29 June 2019
Interactive installation
and presentation
Museo Universitario Del Chopo, Mexico City, MX
24, 25 April 2019

Nonoki @ LAABF'19
Los Angeles Art Book Fair installation
Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, US
11, 12, 13, 14 April 2019

De Grote Macaulay Culkin Avond X Cinetol by De Internet Gids
Live performance of Hotzone '00
Cinetol, Amsterdam, NL
1 February 2019

Eternal Love Triangle 
WT x Sandberg Institute
Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, NL
18 January 2019

Printed Matter NYABF '18
"Boiling Room for Hot Reading"
Boiler Room, MoMA PS1, New York City, US
21, 22, 23 September 2018

WT End of the Year Show 2018
Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL
30 June 2018

The Opening & Closing Reception
Sitterwerk Kunstbibliothek, St. Gallen, CH
4 May, 2018

Printed Matter NYABF '17
Fruits of Fraud
Werkplaats Typografie
Boiler Room, MoMA PS1, New York City, US
22, 23, 24 September 2017

Plantasia #3
De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL
July 2017

Telemagic: Midnight TELEShopping
Para-Tech-Fair, WORM UBIK, Rotterdam, NL
21 April 2017

EPM.FM @ Bijlmerbajes
Lola Lik, Amsterdam, NL
20 January 2017

Exhibition: Friends Only,
The Internet is Present #3
Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, NL
25 November 2016

RAAR @ Club Gusto
Live Radio performance
Rotterdam, NL
8 October 2016

Poster Festival
Lucerne, CH
24 September–2 October 2016

Laser-projection + Performance of
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
12 May 2016

RELEASE: fount magazine issue #1
Berlin & Dortmund, DE
6 May 2016 & 29 April 2016

Fauna #2
Performaning & VJ-ing
-m-e-n-t-a-x-i-s- & Cyanne van den Houten
HOOP, Den Haag, NL
11 Maart 2016

[kɔn] No. 2 Verfall
KON-paper & Blank Poster Exhibition
Einstein-Kultur, Munich, DE
13 December 2015

Off Screen #4 2015
WORM, Rotterdam, NL
26 November 2015

Goede Vrijdag, Utrecht, NL
30 October 2015

Mevrouw BOK
Conversas, Rotterdam, NL
30 September 2015

“Best Of..” Drempelprijs Expo
Kunst in het Witte de With Kwartier
Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL
11–13 September 2015

Zefir7 – De Nieuwe Lichting
Den Haag, NL
10 September 2015

Critical Mass Night
Hofpoort, Rotterdam, NL
11 July 2015

Finals 2015
Graduation exhibition
Hofpoort, Rotterdam, NL
8–12 July 2015

Public/Private Expo WDKA
Gelderseplein 46
Rotterdam, NL
17–19 December 2014

Unravel the Code II
John Hopkins University & MICA, Baltimore, US
11–13 December 2013

FREE?! a one-day journey into the cultures of sharing
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
29 November 2013

WORM-up event 'Free Culture'
in collaboration with Piet Zwart Institute
WORM, Rotterdam, NL
13, 14 & 15 November 2013


“Designers in Residence 2020: Roosje Klap & Loes Claessens”
Into The Great Wide Open, NL
11 May 2020

Books from the future 
Performance Society, London, UK
6 July 2017

Beeld Column
SSBA Salon, Amsterdam, NL
1 December 2016

“Head Lights / Talent Nights presenteert: Mentaxis”
Rotterdam viert de stad, Rotterdam, NL
May, 2016

RELEASE: fount magazine issue #1
Berlin & Dortmund, DE
6 May 2016 & 29 April 2016

[kɔn] No. 2 Verfall KON-paper & Blank
Einstein-Kultur, Munich, DE
13 December 2015

Trippy but carefully considered posters from designer Loes Claessens”
It's Nice That, London, UK
3 December 2015

“Mentaxis Presents: An Ode to Doubt”
The Art School Reinvented, Rotterdam, NL


Contribution calendar of 2016, Leipzig, DE
November 2015 

“The Design Displacement Group offers an alternative Christmas message”
It's Nice That, London, UK
16 December 2014


Radio workshop with Nienke Terpsma
Werkplaats Typografie
Arnhem, NL
20 September 2019

Workshop Strategy Development “Before 4k A Month” with Cyanne van den Houten. 
Part of seminar “De Nieuwe Ontwerper”, University of the Arts Utrecht, NL
26–27 January 2016

WORM-up event 'Free Culture'
with Piet Zwart Institute
WORM, Rotterdam, NL
13, 14 & 15 November 2013


AIGA 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2021 
Cover and Book winner
New York City, USA
June 2022

Drempelprijs 2015
Nominated for Autonomous Practice
Kunst in het Witte de With kwartier, Rotterdam, NL
11–13 September 2015


Best Dutch Book Design 2018
Student Jury
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
September 2019


Amsterdam Art, Marres Huis voor Hedendaagse Cultuur, Bijzondere Collecties UvA, Museum Het Valkhof, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, Into The Great Wide Open, Van Abbe Museum, Bureau Europa, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, De Zwarte Hond Architecten, Submarine Channel, Het Hof van Nederland, Lensvelt, Neutelings Riedijk Architects, Captured Tracks, Institute of Network Cultures, Museum Het Rembrandthuis